LibGuides – Best Practices


LibGuides – Best Practices

This is a website that has collected a number of resources for creating good LibGuides for your library.  It is useful for getting started when you need to design and implement a number of pages making sure to have good design, uniform style, useful and relevant links and information, etc.  There are a number of helpful Slideshare presentations to help get you started.

So, what is a LibGuide anyway?

  • LibGuides is a web 2.0 content management and publishing system created by SpringShare. It is a subscription service, so your library will need to purchase a subscription if you wish to use it. Many academic libraries have found it useful for creating course and research guides.
  • Libraries use it to:
    • promote library resources to their users
    • create course guides, research guides, subject guides, etc.
    • integrate multimedia content into library services

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