Double Pyramid Activity

Pyramid cards

Modified Pyramid Activity

Double Pyramid Note Cards – Group Activity:

  1. Students divide into small groups of 4-5 and are given a set of note cards with evaluative statements about a topic prepared ahead of time by a teacher or librarian.
  2. Students evaluate each statement as a group and place cards that they strongly agree with at the top and cards that they strongly disagree with at the bottom. Middle-middle-of-the-road statements are placed in the middle forming a sort of double pyramid.
  3. Have the students alter the topic somehow, change the context, give it an additional statement, etc. Then ask them to re-evaluate their choices
  4. Allow time for group and full class discussion, having students evaluate how their opinions changed within a group, and with a topic alteration.
  5. An additional modification might include having the groups switch to another group’s double pyramid to rearrange and evaluate based on another group’s previous work.

The note cards are a good way for visual learners to see ideas mapped out before them. The group decisions are a good way for both interpersonal and intrapersonal learners to interact, share ideas, and discuss opinions based on a set of criteria.


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