Scavenger hunts for college students

NCSU - Scavenger hunt goes mobile!

NCSU – Scavenger hunt goes mobile!

Library scavenger hunts have become increasingly popular as a way to make freshmen in college more acquainted with the library systems on their campuses.

Making these scavenger hunts part of the First Year Experience (FYE) ensures that the students will know where to find resources on campus as they are often forced to physically go to these places to complete the assignment, and even take photos as evidence of having gained the information in person! It’s also a good activity for learning to navigate not only the library, but perhaps the entire campus if the libraries are spread out. It also works for having students work in pairs or small groups.

See links below for news, ideas, and inspiration for creating your own library scavenger hunt:

NCSU Libraries Mobile Scavenger Hunt: Not your typical library orientation

NSCU Librarians Honored for Scavenger Hunt Orientation

Emory: Scavenger hunt, pizza party introduce students to the library

A library scavenger hunt is a good activity for college students to familiarize themselves with for future projects and research papers.

Scavenger hunt example from – pdf


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