Definition Four-Square (Frayer Model)



A graphic organizer based on the Frayer Model –>

  1. Select a key concept, idea or term to define.
  2. Have students divide a large page, or space on a white board into 4 sections.
  3. Title the sections as:
    • Definition
    • Characteristics (or Symbol)
    • Examples
    • Non-Examples
  4. This could be done as individuals, pairs, groups depending on class size.
  5. Have students discuss their definitions in groups or as a whole class.

This exercise is good for visual learners who can separate ideas out into discrete corners. It is also very flexible, as the word could be a topic, concept, or term.  It promotes discussion and concise thinking ( limiting the definitions to a small square, etc.)  If you choose to use the Symbol modification to the Characteristics square it even challenges your students to think about communicating the term pictorially.


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