What? / So What? / Now What?


What? / So What? / Now What?

This activity can be given to students for a topic that needs to be critically evaluated.

Ask the students these three questions:

    • What?
      • Descriptive –  what is the problem, issue, circumstance, etc.?
    • So What?
      • Interpretive – what does this imply? what are the implications for those affected? how will they feel about these implications? what lessons may be drawn from the situation?
    • Now What?
      • Contextual –  how can we apply these lessons for setting a future goal? what should our future actions be based on the previous questions?

This activity is great for engaging students in discussion that goes beyond details.  It forces them to find an answer to a problem or question, and consider outside factors as well as internal factors (i.e. who is affected?)

This activity is also flexible as it could be completed individually, in pairs, or as a small or large group.



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