Rotating tables



An activity designed to have both group and class involvement, as well as collaboration on different aspects of one topic:

  1. Assign a topic and break into 4-5 subtopics, or questions related to the topic
  2. Each group is given a large sheet of paper with one of the subtopics or questions
  3. Each group is instructed to answer or brainstorm on that topic for 3-5 minutes
  4. Then the group moves as a whole to sheet with a new question.
  5. Students build upon previous notations and answers.
  6. Groups continue to rotate as a whole until each group has visited and added to each sheet/subtopic.
  7. End with class discussion and spokesperson who presents the main ideas from their subtopic to the rest of the class.

This activity is good for a classroom environment, whether it is academic or college, K-12 school, or even in a public library. It helps kinesthetic learners who may like to get up, move around, sit in different areas, and change directions on a regular basis.  It also is geared for group discussion and interpersonal learning.


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