Bringing IL Processes to life!


Bringing IL Processes to life!


  1. Have one student act as the online searcher.
  2. Have this student visit other students who are acting as “websites” that the searcher may visit.
  3. The student will make an inquiry at each “website.” You could print slips of paper with questions for each website. (examples might include shopping sites, gaming sites, Wikipedia, etc.)
  4. Have each “website student” literally attach a cookie with tape to the searcher student. Each cookie will show a bit of information about what the searcher was looking for in their original inquiry.
  5. Have the student revisit each “website” and have the “websites” offer the searcher new ads and customized information.

This is a good theatrical way to demonstrate to students and patrons how websites collect information on them when they conduct searches online.  This and other similar IL activities would be useful for high school students, university students, and even public library patrons.


What do you think?

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