Course-Integrated Library Assignments

Course-Integrated Library Instructionmilne_logo at Milne Library.

This is an example a concise little post on an academic library website that serves as a model for an academic or school librarian concerned about sharing their services with professors and teachers. The most helpful part is making a bullet list of the steps for creating course-integrated library instruction:


  • “Meet with professors to discuss learning goals and objectives of a chosen course”
  • “Develop assignments that promote greater understanding of course content through improved research practice”
  • “Plan a semester schedule with the teaching faculty to appropriately time assignments for maximum learning potential”
  • “Offer suggestions for collaborative teaching tools and methods to enhance the classroom experience”
  • “Grade research-based assignments”
  • “Provide evaluative feedback to students”
  • “Assess student research skills through informal and formal means”
  • “Meet with individual students or small groups outside of class”

(List quoted from above website)

Another helpful aspect is to list the success stories! This is a nice community building touch!


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