Creating Tutorials

University of Michigan – Creating Video Tutorials

This site has some helpful hints for librarians creating tutorials for college and university students. They also look at tools used to create them and ways to store and show them (i.e. YouTube)

Useful tid bit: “Who will create the videos?  For greatest quality control, we recommend using a specific staff, as it’s very easy to forget how to do things efficiently and well if you don’t create videos on a regular basis.  If you use a small staff (for example, Anne & I are the “instructional technology” staff and are the primary users of Camtasia), you will get content from others.  Our liaison librarians also use Jing to create short, non-edited videos to answer common reference questions.” Quoted from website above.

University of Minnesota – Tutorials and Recorded Workshopsworkshop1

This site has good examples of tutorials helpful to first year students, general research, grant funding,  organizing and citing information, etc. One particularly interesting  aspect of their tutorials is that they created separate tutorials for Apple devices to better demonstrate the steps needed to complete these tasks on multiple platforms.

Another option for librarians who do not have the time or resources to create many technology and software-related tutorials is to subscribe to for their institution. The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently subscribed to this service, it is password protected for students, faculty and staff.



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