Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk

A gallery walk a way to share student work with the rest of the class without a traditional presentation.  Post all student work around the perimeter of the room – on tables or walls – and allow students to browse the work at their own pace.

This can be used for final projects or for reading the results of group work in class.

There are three ways you can setup the gallery walk: Students can simply walk from piece to piece; students can respond on a handout to turn in to you at the end; or students can attach post-it notes with comments to pieces they want to reflect on.

Classroom management is important here.  Consider if your students can be productive with the freedom to walk around the room.

Explaining to students the pedagogical principle behind choosing gallery walk instead of another sharing activity might help guide students in how to approach the activity.  It’s a great way for students to share their work with their peers.


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