Musical Chairs Response

musical-chairsThis activity can be used as a way for students to respond to their peers’ work.  First, each student writes out a question or concept at their own seat.  The teacher then starts music and all students walk (or dance) around the class until the music stops.  The students find the nearest paper (that’s not their own), and respond to the prompt standing up.  When the student is done, he/she sits down.  When all students are sitting down, the teacher starts the music again and the students move around again until the music stops.  The process is repeated five or six times, or until the song ends.

This is a great activity for younger audiences.  It’s especially engaging and relevant if the song is popular and known by the students – they can sing and dance along, which makes the activity less ‘work’ and more ‘fun’.

Classroom management is key here.  Make sure to explain all the directions and ‘rules’ (no touching each other, move safely) before the activity starts.  If 30+ students are moving about the room, problems can occur without proper management in place.

Remember to plan for accommodations for students who might not be mobile.  For example, the teacher can switch out papers in front of the student each round instead of having the student move.


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