One Minute Paper


One minute papers can be used as informal or formal assessment tools at the end of an instructional session or class.  This is an example of an exit ticket that students are required to turn in before they exit the classroom.  Students are asked to summarize the content of the class learned that day, or to write about what is still confusing or challenging.  These responses help the teacher identify if the students have a good grasp of the content or if the content needs to be reviewed or retaught the next class.  These papers are also safe spaces for students to write questions about the content that they might feel embarrassed about asking in front of the class.

Exit slips are effective closing activities that keep students accountable right up until the end of the class.  It asks students to take the information they learned during the session and restate it in their own words, which requires higher-level thinking.  The teacher can use this to gauge the understanding of all the students in the class.

Just like any activity, this activity should be used in moderation.  The relevance and importance of oneminute papers diminishes if it’s used every day.


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