Research Practices Survey



Here is a research practices survey conducted by Gould Library at Carleton College.

The results are interesting to look at in considering the research habits of incoming freshmen in college and how they change.

Here are a few of their most interesting findings:

Library experiences:

  • Library use not only increases during the first year of college, but our students are more likely to come to the library for academic-related reasons.
  • The kinds of resources and materials students are likely to use in their first year shift slightly away from more general materials.
  • There is little change in the amount of support students seek from professors, friends, and librarians. However, the percentage of students who take advantage of the Writing Center increases significantly, and the percentage of students relying on parents or family members for academic support decreases significantly.

Studies such as this one may serve as a guide to what students are looking for in a college or university library.



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