ActivInspire Flipcharts for Info Lit

prometheanplanetClick the picture or click here to access the resource.

Promethean Planet, the resource website for the ActivInspire software for the Promethean interactive whiteboard, offers a collection of instructional ideas, lessons, and resources to teach library- and research-related content.  Librarians can look at other lessons users have already submitted and modify the material to fit their own needs.  The webpage also includes a link to a new site search about library material, so the webpage’s relevancy will always be current.

Promethean Planet is a great resource for new and experienced users of the Promethean board.  Creating interactive content can be overwhelming and exhausting.  There are so many options that sometimes it may seem like there’s not a good place to start.  Promethean Planet offers examples that any user can download and modify to fit their needs.

A few of the examples gathered in this page do not use the interactivity of the board to it’s fullest potential; instead, they look like basic PowerPoint documents.  Use this as a starting point, but think about how to make the content more interactive with the board, as well as in conjunction with low-tech materials.


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