A-Ha! Mm-Hmm…Say What? Discussion

Punctuation-marksThis is a way to frame discussion on an article that the class reads.  With their notes on the reading, students work in small groups to identify each of these moments they had while reading:

A-Ha: A new idea that helped you create a connection or understand the concept.

Mm-Hmm: Something that was said in the article that confirms what you already know or a belief that you already had.

Say What?: A part of the article that was confusing or that you disagree with.

These can be shared out to the class or used with Gallery Walk so students can see what other groups thought about the reading.

This activity not only asks students to understand and talk about the concepts in the article, but also asks them to connect the information emotionally.  A constructivist activity, this discussion provides a refreshing, casual way for small groups to stay focused on the reading and make the content relevant to their own lives.


What do you think?

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