Google’s Research Lessons


Click here or the link in the annotation below to access the resource.

Google has created fifteen information-seeking lessons to use in finding relevant results in Google for beginner, intermediate, and advanced researchers.  Examples include:

Beginner: Apply filtering tools and basic ‘operators to narrow search results.

Intermediate: Identify unique search terms to locate targeted sources and to use ‘context terms’ to uncover appropriate evidence.

Advanced: Engage additional search strategies, such as generalization and specialization.

An Edudemic blog article describes each lesson and links out to Google’s Google Doc of each of the fifteen lessons.

There’s a sense of hesitancy in accepting lesson plans from a group or company that does not specialize in education.  The company probably has an expertise on the project, but how do we know that teaching pedagogy is understood and articulated correctly?  But Google is providing useful, relevant lessons here.  Lessons incorporate slides, videos, handouts to distribute to students, and explicit examples to use.

These lessons are presented as if they would be presented in sequence, but any of these can be taught as one-shot sessions.  The lessons are relevant for all age groups.


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