Hoax? Scholarly Research? Personal Opinion? You Decide! Lesson


The lesson can be found in a variety of different formats online.

To download a lesson plan, click here.

To see the lesson plan in a webpage format, click here.

This lesson asks students to evaluate a series of websites to understand what exactly makes a website credible.  Students evaluate webpages specifically on accuracy, authority, advocacy, objectivity, currency, and coverage by answering questions (provided) about the website. This lesson incorporates small group work and handouts.

This is a good introduction to talking to students about evaluating web content and using proper sources for research.  Depending on the age, some students might have experience with evaluating websites already, in informal settings (personal use) or other academic classes.   A great way to engage students even more would be to start the lesson by displaying 2-3 websites and asking students how they know if it’s a good information source or not.  Using a class-created list might make the content more relevant for students.



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