KWL Chart

Kids kwl chartThis graphic organizer can be used in any subject area and for any topic.  For this toolbox, it can be used as an organizer for students when researching a topic, or for a class as they study databases or other information literacy topics.  First, students access prior knowledge and fill out what they already know about the topic (The “K”).  Then, they write down what they want to learn about the topic (The “W”).  When the unit or lesson is over, the students fill out what they learned about the topic (The “L”).

This is a great tool for self-reflection.  Students can see what they already knew in one column and compare it to what they learned after the activities.  It’s a good visual for students to identify the learning that took place.

This activity can be done on a whiteboard in front of the class, or collaboratively on a Google Doc, with each of the three sections in a different column.  The chart can be revisited throughout the unit to add information, or can be completed at the end.


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