Symbaloo via The Unquiet Librarian blog

symbalooSymbaloo allows a user to create a customizable dashboard of websites and resources in order to create a personal learning environment.  Buffy Hamilton, blogger of The Unquiet Librarian, uses Symbaloo with her high school students in conjunction with an English teacher.  They teach students how to bring in relevant content from the Internet all in one place.

To see a comparison between Netvibes (a similar service) and Symbaloo, read the blog post from Buffy Hamilton, the Unquiet Librarian, click here.

Hamilton even includes a Libguide on Symbaloo, that includes information on the web service, how students are using Symbaloo in the classroom, and video tutorials on customization features.

For more information on using Symbaloo as part of the curriculum, see the following article: Hamilton, Buffy J.  “Embedded Librarianship in a High School Library.”  Library Technology Reports.  Feb 2010: 21-26.

The idea of a personal learning environment is a great concept for a 21st century learner.  It can sometimes seem overwhelming with the seemingly infinite number of information sources on the Internet.  A website service like Symbaloo makes information-seeking relevant for each user.  All three sources listed above are great resources and ideas on how to include Symbaloo or a similar service into the curriculum.


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